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  Nothing Left To Lose

  Part 2: Blurring the Lines

  By Kirsty Moseley

  Smashwords Edition

  Copyright 2017 Kirsty Moseley

  Nothing Left to Lose, Part 2: Blurring the Lines was originally published in 2013 under the title Nothing Left to Lose which has been broken down and split into two parts. Copyright for the original work was filed in 2013.

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  I just want to say a huge thank you to Judi Perkins at Concierge Literary Designs and Photography for the beautiful cover – and for the patience with me when I had no clue what I wanted but kept making suggestions anyway. Thank you for creating exactly what I didn’t even know I wanted! Love you, woman!
  This book is for Lee – my real life Ashton (just without the SWAT uniform). Love you, forever and always. xx

  Chapter One

  ~ Ashton ~

  I tried again to tie the silky material into some semblance of a bowtie, but I just didn’t have a clue. A loud groan escaped my lips. I was going to look like a first class prick at Anna’s dad’s birthday party. I was sure to embarrass Anna because I had no idea how to behave and integrate with the class of people that were sure to attend. I had even heard this week that there were going to be actual celebrities attending too, friends of Senator Spencer’s.

  Giving up, I sighed and grabbed the corsage off the side that I’d bought for her, and made my way downstairs, hoping to find Dean or someone to fix my tie for me. As I got to the bottom of the stairs, Anna’s mom, Melissa, looked up.

  She smiled warmly at me, and nodded at my bowtie that was hanging loosely around my neck. “Let me give you a hand with that,” she suggested,

  My pride sank to a new low. “Er, that’d be great, thanks,” I replied, stepping closer to her, hating the fact that I was so out of my depth and it was probably glaringly obvious for all to see.

  She laughed quietly as she fiddled with it. “Don’t be embarrassed, I just had to tie Tom’s too,” she winked at me conspiratorially. At least the future President of the United States couldn’t do it either.

  “You did? Well that makes me feel better,” I admitted, laughing. “You look very nice tonight, Mrs Spencer.” She looked radiant in her gold gown; she was undoubtedly where Anna got her looks from. But Anna just had something else, an inner beauty that just burst from every pore.

  “Thank you. You look exceptionally handsome in your suit. My guess is that you’ll make Annabelle swoon,” she said, grinning. I smiled, silently hoping she was right.

  Senator Spencer came down the stairs then. “Melissa, are we ready to go?” he asked, smiling lovingly at his wife.

  “I think so, we’re just waiting for Annabelle,” she answered, looking expectantly at the stairs. “Annabelle, are you almost ready? We need to leave, the car’s here!” she called up the stairs.

  “You look nervous,” Senator Spencer observed, smiling warmly at me.

  I nodded. “I am, sir. I’ve never been to an event like this.”

  He laughed at my remark. “You’ll be fine, son. Just start the cutlery from the outside, and smile. If you have no idea what you’re doing, just smile and pretend you do, that’s how I get through these things,” he admitted.

  “I’ll do that. Thank you, sir.”

  Footsteps to the side caught my attention. “You look great, Annabelle,” Dean’s voice drifted down the stairs.

  “Thanks, Dean, you look pretty good yourself. I haven’t seen you in a suit for a while,” Anna replied, her voice teasing and light.

  “Yeah, it feels a bit weird to be wearing it actually. It’s been almost three months since I’ve been made to wear this uniform. Thank goodness for undercover assignments, is all I can say,” he replied, chuckling.

  She laughed in response and my heart throbbed at the sound of it. No matter how many times I heard it, I just couldn’t get enough of her happiness.

  I looked up at the stairs expectantly, waiting. As soon as I saw her, my legs felt weak. She looked stunningly beautiful, and that was exactly how I felt, stunned. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even breathe. I’d never seen anything so perfect in my life, all she was missing was the wings and she would look like the angel that she was.

  The plum coloured ball gown that had been specially made for her tonight clung to her, showing off her perfect, flat stomach and tiny waist. The top was a halter neck, so it showed off her flawless creamy-white shoulders. And the cleavage… I had no idea how I was going to keep my eyes away from it tonight. The dress showed just enough to tease and hint at what was underneath, making me feel hot and horny as hell. The skirt of the dress flowed out all the way to the floor, hiding the toned long legs that I knew were underneath. Her hair had been pulled up and was pinned in curls at the back of her head, hanging down her back.

  I sucked in a ragged breath as I looked at her face. She looked radiant, her skin almost shining. Her make-up was different tonight; she had on some grey eye shadow that made her brown eyes look like they were shining with an excitement and joy, that made my world stop spinning. She always took my breath away, no matter what she was wearing, even if it was baggy sweaters or one of my T-shirts, but tonight she was almost killing me. She was walking towards me and looking me over slowly; a small, sexy smile played at the corners of her mouth.

  I swallowed, wondering what I was going to say when she got to me. My mouth was so dry, I wasn’t even sure I could speak. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as I shifted from one foot to the other, trying to get my brain to form an articulate sentence so that I wouldn’t embarrass myself. The trouble was, the only word that I could think right now was: wow.

  “Hi,” she greeted, smiling as she stopped in front of me.

  “Hi,” I managed to choke out. I looked into her eyes and felt her pull me in. I loved this girl with all of my heart. I cleared my throat, knowing I needed to compliment her on how she looked. “You look incredible; I’ve never seen anything more beautiful in my life.”

  She blushed and smiled her sexy smile, making my insides flutter. “Thanks. And you look extremely smart in your tux,” she countered, as she ran her hand along the edge of the jacket that I was wearing, making my body yearn for her in the normal way.

  Calm down, Ashton; do not get a boner in front of her parents! I swallowed the lump in my throat. I was behaving like a love-struck moron, I could feel it, but I just couldn’t help myself. Just give her the damn corsage, Ashton! “I… er… I got you this,” I muttered.

  Her eyes dropped to the box and her teeth sank into her bottom lip as she looked at the little white rose corsage bracelet I was holding out like a complete and utter moron. “Ashton, that’s gorgeous,” she gushed, smiling gratefully.

  I smiled awkwardly. “If I’d known you would look this beautiful tonight, I would have gone for something a little bigger and more expensive. This is gonna pale in comparison to you tonight, Anna,” I admitted, frowning at the thing that I thought was beautiful until I saw her.

  “Jeez, Ashton, seriously, do you just get these lines straight from a how to make the girls melt handbook?” she teased, grinning at me. I couldn’t help but laugh. I genuinely didn’t understand how she could look the way she did but still have the greatest personality in the world. From my experience, it didn’t usually work like that. People