Kirsty Moseley

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Kirsty Moseley Book Series

Worth Fighting For (Fighting to Be Free #2) It's been years since Jamie Cole's seen Ellie Pearce. He's immersed himself in the life he'd once fought to leave and taken over his old turf, creating dangerous rivals. He has nothing to lose, until Ellie comes back to town. Ellie has moved on. She met a man in London, a man she's marrying. She hardly allows herself to remember the boy who broker her heart at 18. But when tragedy strikes, Ellie's forced to return to New York. She thought she could handle seeing Jamie again, but she can't deny he's still a part of her. Now amidst threats from Jamie's enemies and fighting to keep her sister safe, Ellie must decide to return to her fiancé or surrender to the fire that still burns with Jamie.
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